SiameseArtist Website Beta 2.0

Happy Thanksgiving Day and 1th Anniversary of Pawapoke R

LOL i still noob for html

i'm gonna learning how to build websites

(1k subscribe spacial) why you social account name siameseartist?

Hello I'm siameseartist so everyone who read it so thank you for 1k subscribe from my youtube i know it lately to write this so anyway why my social account name siameseartist i never tell about why i used this name old social account on countryball amino my old name is thailandball2005 i change to siameseartist because a privacy at this time because my friends from high school make fun of this name my brain think about new account name change thailand into siam (i was a royalist before) And Art because on my instagram i draw about a politics meme before so this combine into siameseartist so this is why i used this name until today so this is story for celebate 1k subscibe i hope i made new clip in 2023 if i can so thank you to read my story

how do you love or know the pawapoke (power pro kun pocket) franchise?

Back to Me as child i like to play retro games on emulator and i like baseball too i know this game before pawapuro(jikkyou powerful pro yakyuu) because i like to play gba emulator my childhood i play sonic advance,mario and luigi rpg,mega man zero,warioware inc. zelda minish camp and pawapoke but i don't remember with part of pawapoke before but i remember i like pawapoke 7 most until i play pawapoke again but i play part 14 at high school and this time have change my live again

Well i'm back to made this website again later see you later