How to install kde 1 in 2023 (on arch linux) (outdated)

KDE or Kool Desktop Environment is a desktop environment on linux release first version in 1997 so now kde lastest version 5 or kde plasma(now there develope kde6) so now everyone who read this article think why i used kde1 on my Microsoft Surface Go 3 (My old laptop is Broken) ? so let me explain

Why I Used KDE1

here is the list why i used kde1

I Like 1990s Computer GUI like windows 98se or Mac OS Platinum (Mac os 9)

- KDE1 look more nostalgia than CDE or NsCDE (in my opinion)

I don't like windows 11 (i know i used tablet same company with s**ty os with build expensive new hardwre)

So next article is how to install kde1 on arch linux

How To install KDE1

I recommened to install this on arch linux because there is too easiest way to install and i found this tutorial from this

so let begin

1. install arch linux on you pc with you usb or cd (i used archinstall and xorg made because i'm too lazy and KDE1 is X11 DE)

2 after install arch linux in pacman you should install pacman with git (to install yay) nano (to edit config or maybe you can used vim but i didn't test) sddm (well there don't have kde1 login manager so i decide use sddm and it's work) libxss glu (these 2 pacakage is very importal if you forgot instsll libxss or glu there have an error)

3. after install yay you should edit config on makeopkg.conf to disable werror you install qt1-git kde1-kdelibs-git and kde1-kdebase-git and wait utill finish

5. last one you should enable and start sddm on systemctl and finish i hope you enjoy KDE1 :)

error about modern version of arch linux

the modern version arch linux have a problem when you install kde1-kdelibs-git and you see the error is about charset so i can't solve this but they have another way to install kde1 on my tablet again is restore all package to old version yes that right i restore package to old version that make my tablet stable here is a description (i don't recommend to used this method)